With great pride we introduce the first Virtual Reality race helmet system; HelmetVR.


HelmetVR is a unique Virtual Reality (VR) hardware product aimed at professional race driver training, sim-room experiences and sim racing enthusiasts. It accommodates all types of motor sport from Karting, Touringcar, Formula racing right up to F1. Should your racing class require a helmet, HelmetVR is the product of choice for practice and racing on virtual circuits. There is a wide range of VR supported racing simulator titles already available: iRacing,  Asseto corsaRaceRoomProject Cars and Kart Racing Pro.  Support for Rfactor2 and KartKraft will be added soon.


Whether you are a professional race driver perfecting the best racing lines, a commercial enterprise, or an enthusiast looking for the ultimate sim racing thrill at home, HelmetVR makes simulator racing real!

With its many unique features, our HelmetVR system places you in the cockpit on the virtual circuit. In VirtualReality, the visual 3D depth and one to one scale of its image makes judging a braking point or approaching a corner feel so realistic. It can help to improve overall lap times prior to racing on real world circuits. The HelmetVR experience is so close to real racing, drivers, sim racers and enthusiasts alike will certainly benefit from any virtual track time spent in HelmetVR.


To make a simulation realistic, all details matter.


For true immersion and realism whilst simulator racing or training, using a helmet provides an extra dimension and specific sensations to a driver’s head, adding reality to any simulation. HelmetVR’s professional integration of a VR headset into our line of real Arai helmets offers the most realistic VirtualReality SimRacing experience available today.

Normally worn VR headsets place a certain amount of pressure on the wearer’s forehead, this can become quite noticeable during a racing session. By neatly integrating the VR headset into the HelmetVR, pressure on the forehead is eliminated which makes for a more comfortable experience.

Custom made for you

To ensure the best quality possible, each HelmetVR is handmade to order in a limited series.



Helmet back
Helmet right
Helmet front
Helmet Left


VR-TruVision™ is our system for experiencing real track action, whilst being in a race simulator. Approaching a corner in the simulator is just like in real life. With HelmetVR your simulator training will be even more realistic!


Powered by Oculus Rift

HelmetVR uses the well known and award winning Oculus Rift VR headset and tracking system.

Oculus is the leader in creating cutting edge Virtual Reality experiences thru their VR headsets.

A HelmetVR makes use of the quality and technology of Oculus and enhances this for the use of SimRacing. Ideal for true race training, Ultimate SimRoom experiences and enthusiast home SimRacers.


Race helmet by ARAI

HelmetVR is made with the best materials and parts available to ensure the highest possible quality and ergonomics. Therefor ARAI GP series car race helmets are used.

Arai has been at the forefront of car racing for many decades and to date, many of the world’s top drivers competing in all 4-wheel racing disciplines from Formula 1 to WTCC wear their helmets.


Ultimate combination


HelmetVR is the perfect system for integration with FormulaVR. The tracker is nicely integrated into the formula1 style motion simulator, the F-VR1. Feeling the monocoque around you, HelmetVR on your head will bring you as close to the track as possible.


Premium partners

Oculus Rift
Arai helmet

HelmetVR pricing

At HelmetVR we are specialised in making custom simulator hardware in small series. This way we can assure the highest possible quality for our clients and maximum flexibility.

We like to make a HelmetVR spec sheet together with our clients and make a customised quote based on that.

Price below is a good indication of our HelmetVR


More options are available:

  • Hans clips
  • Different visor colors (clear, tinted, dark)
  • PED spoiler system
  • Custom paint scheme

Please contact HelmetVR with your specific request. Together we will come to the best possible solution for your HelmetVR.

Ultimate combination
HelmetVR action
HelmetVR Testing 3/4
HelmetVR testing Front
HelmetVR right side
HelmetVR rear
Helmet left side
Helmet Front

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The recommended HelmetVR system specifications are:
• GPU (graphics card):
o NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 equivalents or greater
o HDMI 1.3 video output (directly on your graphics card) is required
o SLI isn’t supported; at least one GPU must individually meet these specifications
o Current public GPU driver—a recent driver is required (Update Your Graphics Card Driver)
• CPU (processor): Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
• RAM (memory): 8GB+ RAM
• USB: At least two (2x) USB 3.0 ports—three (3x) total available USB ports are required
o A third USB 3.0 port will be required for the Oculus Touch controllers when released, for a total of four (4x) available USB ports
• OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Service Pack 1 or newer is required
• HD (disk space): 4GB+ free space
• The headset has been engineered to certain standards so you can take the future of VR into your home. We believe you’ll have a great experience with a supported computer. While some unsupported systems may still let you complete headset setup, key aspects of the headset experience—such as responsiveness and resolution—may be diminished.

ADVISE: HelmetVR is not optimized for wearing glasses. Glasses need to go thru the head opening. Using lenses would be a good alternative.

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